Finding The Best Dog Shampoo For Your Money: A Buying Guide

You will see that a dog is one of the best companions you will ever come across. Everything from their unwavering loyalty to their ebullient energy just has a way of making you feel revitalized and so much happier when you see your pet.

While dogs may reward us with companionship and friendliness in return for taking care of them, new dog owners are typically not prepared for the dedication and time that must be put into your dog in return.

Finding The Best Dog Shampoo For Your Money: A Buying Guide

Throughout the first half of this article, we will discuss a variety of characteristics of pet ownership that newer dog owners may be wondering about, if you would rather just skip to the dog shampoo reviews, you will find them further down.

While some of these points may seem obvious to more experienced dog owners, some of these tips may surprise you even if you’ve owned dogs your whole life.

Prepare For The Responsibility

Before you decide to go ahead and get your new puppy or dog, you have to consider whether you are actually prepared to care for it. Owning a dog is a lot more responsibility than many first time owners would think.

It is for this reason that more and more dogs end up as strays or in a shelter as time goes on. Inexperienced owners believe that pet ownership is easy and eventually they cannot be bothered with the responsibility of caring for their pets.

It is important to consider that a pet is not like any other possession. A pet is another living being that you are entrusted with caring for. Many prospective owners neglect to think through the impact a pet will have on their free time and other aspects of their life, so they eventually decide to abandon their pet.

Being a responsible and prepared owner can extend into many branches of your pet’s life, such as their hygiene and the quality of their fur and their health.

Being prepared for the responsibility of owning your dog also relates to its fur and how healthy it will look. As a responsible owner, it only makes sense to get your high-quality dog shampoos, so they will not have fleas or other health-related issues thanks to the hygiene of their fur.

Why Is It Important To Care For Your Dog’s Fur?

Many people question whether it is important to clean their dog’s coat and why that would be the case. The answer to this issue heavily depends on the breed of dog you have.

Most dog breeds will require semi-regular washing and shampooing so that their fur will remain pristine and healthy. Some other dog breeds do not require their fur to be washed regularly as they are naturally adept at cleaning their fur, but these breeds are somewhat rarer.

Ensuring that your dog’s fur is clean is not only good for your dog’s health, but also for your health and the health of everyone else living in your home. Dog fur can carry many forms of bacteria and microbes, so it is important to ensure that it remains clean so these kinds of bacteria do not end up in the air of your home.

These could result in you becoming sick, so your dog’s hygiene is also a matter of maintaining your good health.

In addition to the health risk of your dog’s fur being dirty, you will find that it will also contribute to making your home a cleaner place.

If your dog’s fur has a lot of accumulated dirt on it, you will find that your dog will more easily make dirty spots in your home where it likes to sit or even just furniture that your dog brushes against.

As you will not always be able to watch your dog and stop it from going near furniture or other parts of your home that will easily absorb dirt, it is the smart choice to ensure that your dog stays clean simply.

Compounded with the issue of dirty furniture and walls, you will find that your pet’s fur being in a weak state will contribute to unpleasant odors in your home. Dirty dog fur can get quite smelly, and it can help highly to background odors in your home.

Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo is a product with which most dog owners should be familiar, though a surprising number of owners are not even aware of its existence. The point of dog shampoo is evident from its name.

Dog shampoo is a special form of shampoo which is formulated to work best with dog fur. This is opposed to human shampoo which is meant to work with human hair, but the two are surprisingly interchangeable regardless of this.

Shampoo works on a small-scale level so it may break down the oils and dirt particles in your hair and leave your hair feeling clean and rejuvenated. Dog shampoo accomplishes this same task, but it is slightly more powerful due to the longer time in between washes for dog fur and the simple fact that dog fur is thicker and denser when compared to human hair.

Many types of dog shampoo may be used, and they all depend upon the exact needs of your dog. You can decide between medicated dog shampoo, natural dog shampoo, organic dog shampoo, soap free dog shampoo and even hypoallergenic dog shampoo.

Some dogs are resistant to being washed, so it helps to have shampoo with which your dog will not take issue.

Finding the best dog shampoo can depend on what you need for your pet in specific. If your dog is suffering from fleas, then you will want to purchase the best dog flea shampoo.

If your dog has issues with its skin, then you will want to purchase the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin. It can also get confusing when it comes to purchasing dog shampoo as dog shampoo for sensitive skin is not the same as dog shampoo for dry skin.

Top performance dog shampoo can get expensive, so it also helps to know your budget. If you know how much you are willing to spend, it helps you extensively regarding narrowing down the products which are ideal for you and your needs.

In our top rated dog shampoo guide, we will look over various forms of dog shampoo, such as the best smelling dog shampoo, the best natural dog shampoo, and even oatmeal dog shampoo.

Pet Hygiene Related To Health

Your pet’s health is also heavily dependent on how well you keep them clean. While dogs may seem to have more robust immune systems than human beings, as is evidenced by their capability to eat off the floor and accomplish other things we would find unpleasant or downright sickening, they can still get sick.

Dog fur is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, the warm and dark environment that exists in the deeper layers of dog fur can become quite dirty over time.

Having colonies of bacteria and microbes forming deep inside the fur layers of your dog is a very easy way for your pet to get sick. It is hard to consider this situation for us as people since we do not have fur, but it would be somewhat akin to being wrapped in a dirty carpet.

While your dog may not enjoy the process of being shampooed, they will certainly be happier once they are squeaky clean and no longer smell bad.

Allowing dirt to accumulate in your pet’s hair is a surefire way to increase your dog’s chances of getting ticks. Ticks are very similar to lice, they live and hatch in your pet’s hair and can cause your pet discomfort and itching. Routinely shampooing your pet’s fur and ensuring that it remains clean and healthy is an excellent way to ward off ticks.

In the unfortunate case that your dog contracts a case of ticks, you will typically have to purchase an anti-tick shampoo specifically designed to deal with ticks and their eggs. These shampoos can get quite expensive, so it would be a good decision to ensure that your dog does not contract ticks in the first place by pre-emptively caring for their fur.

While it can certainly be damaging to your dog’s fur not to shampoo it adequately, you may also damage it by over shampooing it.

Over Shampooing Your Dog’s Fur

When you shampoo your dog’s fur, you are cleaning out any oils and other byproducts that make your dog’s fur greasy. Shampoos do not discriminate between the substances that they wash out of your dog’s fur and they will wash out both the good and the bad things that are present in your dog’s fur.

While oils and other things that make your dog’s fur greasy are undesirable, there is a layer of oil on your dog’s fur that helps maintain its health and integrity.

When you wash your pet’s fur too often, you will diminish the levels of natural oils in your dog’s fur which provide a layer of protection. Doing this can result in your pet’s fur losing its color and luster prematurely. This is the same case with human hair. If you were to shampoo your hair excessively, you would find that you would degrade the quality of your hair over time.

Some pet owners want to ensure that their pets remain healthy to the point that they inadvertently damage their pet’s health. While it is important to maintain a good, regular schedule within which you shampoo your dog’s hair, you should make sure that you do not shampoo your pet’s hair so often to the extent that you will damage it.

How Often You Should Shampoo Your Dog’s Fur

If you are wondering how often you should shampoo your dog, it depends slightly on your dog and where you live. If you live in an area where your dog will be running through slush, snow or rain and other weather conditions which can result in your dog getting dirty more often than usual, you may have to wash your dog somewhat more often than is typical.

This would be somewhere between every two to three weeks. If you choose to wash your pet this often, it is important to use a moisturizing shampoo as this schedule can leave your pet’s skin dry.

Most other dogs should typically be washed somewhere around once a month. It helps to wash your pet around the same time every month as you will maintain a regular schedule and your dog’s fur can remain optimally clean for the duration of the month as opposed to getting more and less dirty from month to month.

In addition to ensuring maximum cleanliness for your pet’s fur, this ensures that you will more easily remember to wash your dog as you will have a predesignated time of month to do it.

Human Shampoo For Dog

If you are wondering whether or not human shampoo will work for your dog, we have you covered. Human shampoo will typically work decently well when you are cleaning your dog’s fur, but it will not be optimal for your needs.

While it should clean your dog’s fur, you would be better off using baby shampoo on a dog. Baby shampoo functions more optimally when it comes to cleaning your dog’s fur than adult shampoo, so it you cannot find dog shampoo in nearby stores, and you must make the most of the limited resources, baby shampoo is the better choice.

While human and baby shampoo will do a worse job cleaning your dog’s fur than dog shampoo, it does not pose any immediate threats to your dog’s health or the health of their fur in general, it is simply a matter of convenience and achieving the most thorough clean for your dog’s fur.

Our Recommendation For Best Dog Shampoo

Let’s take a look at some of the best products that are made for keeping your furry best friend clean and healthy.

Zymox Shampoo with Vitamin D3 Gallon by Pet King Brands


  • 12 oz bottle
  • Works for both itchy and dry skin
  • ​Relieves allergic reactions
  • ​Includes natural enzymes in formula
  • Leaves behind a strong antibacterial coating

If you are looking for a good dog shampoo and your dog tends to have issues with dry skin, allergies or even skin infections, you will find that Zymox enzymatic shampoo is a perfect fit for your dog.

Zymox Shampoo with Vitamin D3 Gallon by Pet King Brands

It is formulated specifically to combat dry skin in dogs and quickly and effectively provides a form of treatment that will improve your dog’s condition within a week of first use, sometimes showing results after only the first wash.


Unlike many other shampoos formulated to combat dry skin and skin infections, Zymox enzymatic shampoo leaves behind a layer of antibacterial substances that will ensure that your pet’s coat does not once again become a breeding ground for all different types of bacteria.

The natural enzyme composition of this shampoo also ensures that your dog will not have any adverse reactions to any of the ingredients.

Tropiclean Oatmeal and Tea Tree Pet Shampoo

This TropiClean Oatmeal & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best dog shampoo for picky dogs. Some dogs may not like most types of dog shampoo as it will irritate their skin and cause them rashes or simply because it will not help with their dry skin.

Specifications:71HABtnqqGL. AC SL250

  • Relieves itchy skin
  • Soap free
  • ​Perfect for dogs with allergies
  • Works for dogs with sensitive skin


This product is excellent as it acts fast to help treat your dog’s dry skin. This is one of the most popular medicinal dog shampoos you will find available due to a range of factors.

Primarily, the best reason for which you should purchase this shampoo to relieve your dog’s dry skin is that it tends to have a high success rate in moisturizing your pet.

In addition to this, it is soap free so it will not interfere with any tick treatments and will not further dry out your pet’s skin. It also does not feature any allergens, so your dog will not have a bad reaction to the shampoo. This shampoo is also reasonably priced when compared to prescription dry skin dog shampoos.

Miracle Coat Detangling Dog Shampoo


  • Sprayer allows for easier application
  • Miracle Coat Spray on Waterless Dog ShampooPharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • ​32 oz bottle gives you a good amount of shampoo
  • Waterless shampoo


Miracle coat detangling dog shampoo is an excellent choice for a dog who has longer fur that ends up getting tangled up all too often. In addition to untangling your dog’s fur, you will find that it leaves their coat looking shiny and healthy.

When compared to the other dog shampoos that we have reviewed on this list, it is true that this does not have the same potency due to a lack of medicinal contents for curing dry skin and preventing other skin conditions.

Regardless of the lack of therapeutic effectiveness when it comes to this shampoo, it is an excellent choice if you are searching for a dog shampoo so that you may simply clean your dog.

The more basic ingredients used in this dog shampoo formula allows it to be more competitively priced than similar products which do contain treatment for dry skin.

The spray bottle format also makes this shampoo much easier to apply to the coat of a reluctant dog, so if your dog does not like being washed, this may be your ideal choice.


Regardless of your dog’s needs, there is a shampoo available on the market for your pet. It may take a little bit of searching depending on how picky your canine friend is, but we hope we have given you a good baseline of products from which you may choose.

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