Stay Away From Home Made Pet Medications

Pet medications are tried and true substances that will keep your animal healthy, while at the same time they will also keep your pocketbook somewhat empty. It is an open secret that pet medication is expensive and quite often the use of pet medicine is considered optional by pet owners who simply do not have the money to purchase pet medicines or who believe that the expenditure is simply unnecessary. It is the latter that has led to a variety of tinctures, powders and mixtures that are being sold over the Internet with an aim to masquerade as discount pet medications.

Stay Away From Home Made Pet Medications

Their cheap price tags have lured many a pet owner to purchase these substances not because a veterinarian recommended them, but because it seemed like a good idea to either have these items on hand or to employ them instead of having the prescription the veterinarian recommended filled. There are cheap flea control pet supplies medications that are often homemade and sold a being “homeopathic” and thereby better for the animal than the flea control medications pet supplies warehouses might sell. Granted, while homeopathic mixtures that work would be wonderful pet medications, the sad cases that are told on the Internet time and again showcase that instead of receiving a discount pet medicine, a pet owner was sold a powder mix that contained harmful chemicals which caused skin abrasions, lesions, and in some cases even death of the animal.

While pet flea and tick medicine is a favorite of those who mix their own tinctures – after all, most every dog owner would love cheap flea control and pet supplies, medications and other goodies – skin problems present another area where discount pet medication is often sought on the ‘Net. Some who mix pet medications in their own homes use concoctions that include some baby oil and perhaps a bit of hand cream. To a dog’s skin this mixture will do very little to soothe its dryness while at the same time the perfumes and dyes may actually aggravate the skin and cause redness, swelling and other side effects.

Reputable pet medication and supply stores that advertise their wares are careful to specify that their pet medications meet guidelines set forth by the governing bodies that regulate pet medication online, and as such these are safer to use then the obviously home made pet medications of fly by night vendors. Those who swear by Australian online pet supplies medications should purchase from an authorized reseller, and stay away from those who claim to imitate these substances as well as the well known other brands, such as Sentinel, pet medication.

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